Lodge Cabin Striped Comforter Set Queen & King Size

Lodge Cabin Striped Comforter Set Queen & King Size

The quilt is made from polyester microfiber for easy care and the mesh of purple, teal, and earth tones come together with thin striping to create a beautiful look. The two shams that come with this set have corresponding striping to match the quilt perfectly. For added color and dimension, three decorative pillows are worked into this collection with zig zag patterns and stripes to add a pop of the top of the quilt.  


1 Coverlet         90″ x 90″

2 Shams          20×26 2″(2)

3 Pillows          16×16″/18×18″/12×18″


1 Covrerlet        104×94″ 

2 Shams            20×36 2″(2) 

3 Pillows           16×16″/18×18″/12×18″

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