Black Ebony Hair on Hide Round Leather Coffee Table Ottoman

Our luxurious Black Hair-on-Hide, Round Leather Ottoman serves as a striking focal point in your room. This exquisite piece combines deep ebony hide with premium top-grain leather, offering both visual appeal and functionality. It’s ideal for casual seating and becomes a stylish hub for social gatherings with its sophisticated, timeless design.

These large, black, top-grain leather ottomans are a classic and flexible addition to any interior, blending effortlessly into various decor styles while radiating a sense of luxury and enduring quality. Their neutral hue makes them easily adaptable to different design themes, with the high-quality leather providing both elegance and lasting resistance to daily wear.

To enhance the presence of this central piece, choose a subdued color scheme with shades of white, gray, and beige for the surrounding furnishings. Add a hint of luxury with metallic highlights, and mix different textures for a dynamic visual effect. Wooden elements can introduce a cozy warmth to the setting. Introduce vibrancy with colorful accents like throw pillows, art pieces, or decorative vases. Place a rug under the ottoman to ground the arrangement and define your seating area. These design choices will help you forge a harmonious and welcoming living space, with the large black top-grain leather ottoman at its heart.

Shipping Assembly: Assembled
Leather Cover: Ebony Hide
Leather Grade: Top Grain
Wood Material: ACACIA

Additional information

Dimensions 40.5 × 40.5 × 16.5 in



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